Thank you for contacting us regarding information about the Clark County Dive Rescue team.  After going over the requirements and what it takes to become a rescue dive you may download the application at the bottom of the page.

Returning of the application and accompanying information does not obligate you in any way to the Clark County Dive Rescue team. You can also terminate your consideration for membership upon request at any time.

This position is actually an unpaid position working as an emergency worker for the Clark County Dive Rescue team. The dive rescue team functions under the auspices of the Washington Military and the State of Washington Departments of Emergency Management.

The Clark County Dive Rescue team is looking for individuals with an interest in water related rescue and scuba diving. Desirable is an interest in public service and ability to function part of a highly skilled team of rescue professionals.

Clark County Dive Rescue is a volunteer rescue organization dedicated to providing emergency water services for the citizens of Clark, Skamania and Cowlitz counties and state wide upon request. Our organization is one charged with the mission of water rescue (surface and sub-surface) for Clark County, Washington. We have been in existence since 1983. The current level of training and expertise within our team is on the same level or higher than many paid organizations.

In addition to our life safety and rescue mission, we perform underwater criminal investigation, evidence search and victim and vehicle recovery for the law enforcement agencies with our response area.

Our organization needs interested individuals for shore-based support and/or water based operations {the diving part of the operation}. Previous training in related areas of rescue is not necessary, but is highly desirable. (High-angle, rope, extrication or EMS).

Requirements for membership are:

         21 years of age upon application.

         Valid Washington or Oregon Drivers License.

         Reliable personal vehicle.

         Interview {includes water test if a diver}

         Final approval from the Dive Rescue board {following interview}

         Verifiable good health history.           

         Verifiable freedom from alcohol/drug impairments and of good character and lack of extensive criminal or excessive traffic violation history. A background check is required.

Additional diving related requirements are:

         Verifiable certification from a reputable dive training organization.    (I.e.: NAUI, PADI, NASDS, SSI)

         Evidence of total diving experience indicated by a current up to date logbook.

         Evidence of recent local area diving is desirable.

The steps of our selection process are as follows:

                     Send Email to address below stating that you are interested in joining

                     Scheduled informal personal interview (between yourself and representatives of the dive team)

                     Water based skills review may be required before acceptance.

                     Proof of a successful diving physical may be requested prior to acceptance.

Candidates will be notified of the results of the application process, after completion of the interview process, if adequate personal, skills and medical information are available. Candidates will be notified in person and in writing if possible.

All successful candidates are subject to a probationary period of 1 year, commencing the date of acceptance as a dive team member.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered questions: